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The Swiss Association for Technical Inspections (SVTI/ASIT) is a private, independent institution within Switzerland that monitors around 50,000 technical installations and equipment, more than 2,000 kilometres of natural gas and oil pipelines and a large number of other objects. It also has the remit of supervising the market for pressure equipment and lifts. It receives contracts from the Swiss federal government and the cantons on a mandate basis.


The SVTI is a not-for-profit organization whose primary purposes are:

  • The prevention of accidents, breakdowns and damage;
  • The elimination of hazards in the manufacture and operation of all types of technical equipment.

As the "Safety Conscience of the Nation", the SVTI is made up of four departments with different duties and markets:

  • The Pressure Vessel Inspectorate
  • The Federal Pipeline Inspectorate (FPI)  
  • The Nuclear Inspectorate
  • Market surveillance: the Federal Inspectorate for Lifts (EIA) and Pressure Equipment

Roughly 8,000 companies, private individuals and public entreprises belong to the Association.
The SVTI/ASIT is part of the SVTI Group, the independent Swiss Centre of Excellence for Technical Safety and Risk Management.