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Inspections usually take place on site and include

  • verification of the declaration of conformity and the technical documentation
  • visual inspection of the equipment
  • if required, functional check or further follow-up tests.

In order to carry out its mandate, the Market Surveillance Authority (MSA) is authorised to request the documentation and information required to proof conformity with the legislation, to take samples, to arrange tests, and to enter business premises during working hours.

In case of a technical or formal defect of the equipment the MSA informs the responsible person for placing the product on the Swiss market (manufacturer or importer) of the result of the inspection and gives opportunity to make a statement (right to be heard). If necessary, it orders the measures by decree and sets a reasonable deadline for compliance. A fee is charged if it results that the product does not comply with the legal requirements. The legal basis for the exercise of market surveillance can be found in the 5th section of the Product Safety Ordinance.