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Auxiliary facilities

The terms "auxiliary facilities" refer to all components of a pipeline system that are not deemed part of the pipeline itself. Namely:

  • Valve stations
  • Pressure reducing and metering stations
  • Compressor stations
  • Pump stations


The FPI is required to inspect these facilities on an annual basis. Depending on the type of the facility, there are very different checkups to be carried out. Here are listed the principal inspections and controls which roughly have to be conducted: 

  • General condition
  • Access to protection zones
  • Internal and external piping
  • EX zones
  • Protection against falling trees
  • Function test of the most important equipment and fittings
  • Function test of safety equipment and verification of settings
  • Tanks (e.g. preheating) and filters related to corrosion
  • Condition of buildings, escape routes, fencing


Inspections of auxiliary facilities of operators are concluded with a detailed report.