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Our duties

In accordance with the Swiss Federal Pipelines Act, the specific mandate of the FPI concerns the technical supervision of pipeline systems for the transport of liquid and gaseous combustibles and motor fuels. Its duties are as follows:

  • Assessment of pipeline projects in formal licencing procedures
  • Assessment and approval of detailed plans
  • Inspection of pipes, accessories and fittings
  • Supervision of pipeline construction
  • Periodical supervision of pipeline operation
  • Approval of construction projects of third parties
  • Advising operators on the interpretation and application of ordinances, technical regulations and legal provisions governing pipelines
  • Formulation of regulations
  • Participation in specialized committees
  • Keeping statistics relating to damage


Rudolf Wendelspiess

Leiter Eidg. Rohrleitungsinspektorat
Swiss Association for Technical Inspections
Richtistrasse 15
8304 Wallisellen