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The brand name for the safety of technical systems and devices.


The SVTI is an organization whose primary purposes are:

  • the prevention of accidents, breakdowns and damage
  • the elimination of hazards in the manufacture and operation of all types of technical Equipment.


Swiss Association for Technical Inspections
Richtistrasse 15
8304 Wallisellen
Phone +41 44 877 62 23
Fax +41 44 877 61 75



Sachverständigen für die technische Aufsicht über Öl- & Gaspipelines in CH/FL (m/w) 100 %

Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams im Eidg. Rohrleitungsinspektorat (ERI) des SVTI am Standort Wallisellen per Anfang 2021 oder nach Vereinbarung.

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Technischen Inspektor Druckgeräte (m/w) 100%, Regionen Bern, Biel und Fribourg

Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams im Kesselinspektorat (KIS) des SVTI für die Regionen Bern, Biel und Fribourg per sofort oder nach Vereinbarung.

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151st General Assembly of the SVTI Swiss Association for Technical Inspections

SVTI General Assembly approves all proposals in writing

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Am 8. Juni 2020 öffnet die Swiss Safety Center Akademie wieder ihre Türen


Ab 8. Juni 2020: Durchführung von Präsenzkursen in der Swiss Safety Center Akademie

Unsere Präsenzkurse setzen wir dann gemäss unserem Weiterbildungsangebot fort.

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Vereinsversammlung vom 18. Juni 2020; schriftliche Durchführung

Die Ereignisse im Zusammenhang mit der Ausbreitung des Coronavirus stellen uns alle vor grosse Herausforderungen und zwingen uns, neue Wege zu gehen.

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Der Jahresbericht 2019 wurde veröffentlicht


Coronavirus: Important Message to our Clients and Business Partners

The events related to the spread of the coronavirus are becoming increasingly dramatic and it is now clear that we are facing unprecedented...

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Pressure Vessel Inspectorate

Commissioned by Swiss federal government and the cantons, the Pressure Vessel Inspectorate inspects pressure equipment such as boilers, compressed air tanks, and chemical equipment.

Federal Pipelines Inspectorate (FPI)

The Federal Pipelines Inspectorate (FPI) supervises the project planning, construction and operation of pipeline systems for the transportation of liquid and gas fuels in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, insofar as these systems are subject to pipeline legislation.

Nuclear Inspectorate

The Nuclear Inspectorate supervises the manufacture, installation and operation of pressure-bearing installations in Swiss nuclear power stations.

Swiss Federal Inspectorate for Lifts (EIA)

Swiss Federal Inspectorate for Lifts (EIA) is the sovereign control body nominated for carrying out the market controls of lifts outside the professional area of use.

Market Surveillance of Pressure Equipment

SVTI monitors the pressure equipment market through periodic random sampling and individual inspections based on substantiated information.

Events and further trainings

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