echolyst – Impact-Echo-System

Welcome to echolyst – Impact-Echo Scanning, Visualization and Machine Learning for the Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT/NDE) of Concrete Structures


SVTI is happy to introduce our Impact-Echo system echolyst, taking impact-echo concrete inspections to a new level. echolyst provides impact-echo practitioners with everything it needs to make:

  • Data collection: fast and comfortable, enabling dense scan grids
  • Data Visualization: instant imaging, making data interpretation very intuitive and convincing
  • Artificial Intelligence: understandable, practical, and easy to conduct for practitioners

Impact-echo is a widely-used method for the nondestructive evaluation of concrete structures. It works on the principle of measuring thickness resonances of concrete structures, elements or layers above planar flaws (delamination). The echolyst software fills the gap that has existed between achievements in research regarding scanning impact-echo and the missing tools accessible to practitioners. It is designed as a user-friendly and highly intuitive tool, for both, touch-screen tablet or desktop application.

Data Collection cannot only be conducted with SVTI’s wheel scanner echolyst Cart, but also manually with many of the existing and widely-used devices from other manufacturers. This makes echolyst the probably most versatile as well as easy-to-handle system for impact-echo.

Data analysis is becoming by far more efficient and reliable through various visualization options implemented in echolyst. Whereas conventional analysis of impact-echo data has been quite abstract in many cases, the various 2D and 3D visualization options of echolyst make impact-echo data become “alive” and much easier and reliable to interpret.

Machine Learning is a key technology opening an enormous potential also in the field of NDE and impact-echo specifically. The echolyst A.I. module makes this technology easily accessible for impact-echo. The module implements artificial intelligence in a way that makes the process not only highly effective but also very transparent and understandable. It addresses practitioners that have no experience with Machine Learning but is also a very handy tool for experienced Machine Learning enthusiasts.


Daniel Algernon

Leiter ZfP-Labor
Telefon +41 44 877 62 59
E-Mail daniel.algernon@svti.ch

echolyst Software – Compatible with most impact-echo devices

echolyst Software – Compatible with most impact-echo devices

echolyst Software and echolyst Cart

Analysis Overlay Viszualization