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SVTI/ASIT: The Brand name For The Safety Of Technical Systems and Devices.

The SVTI is a not-for-profit organization whose primary purposes are:
the prevention of accidents, breakdowns and damage,
the elimination of hazards in connection with the transportation and storage of dangerous goods,
the elimination of hazards in the manufacture and operation of all types of technical equipment.


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  • Pressure Vessel Inspectorate

    Commissioned by Swiss federal government and the cantons, the Pressure Vessel Inspectorate inspects pressure equipment such as boilers, compressed air tanks, and chemical equipment.

  • Federal Pipelines Inspectorate (FPI)

    The Federal Pipelines Inspectorate (FPI) supervises the project planning, construction and operation of pipeline systems for the transportation of liquid and gas fuels in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, insofar as these systems are subject to pipeline legislation.

  • Nuclear Inspectorate

    The Nuclear Inspectorate supervises the manufacture, installation and operation of pressure-bearing installations in Swiss nuclear power stations.

  • Swiss Federal Inspectorate for Lifts (EIA)

    Swiss Federal Inspectorate for Lifts (EIA) is the sovereign control body nominated for carrying out the market controls of lifts outside the professional area of use.


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Swiss Association for Technical Inspections
Richtistrasse 15
8304 Wallisellen

Phone:  +41 44 877 62 23
Fax: +41 44 877 61 75

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